Where Can I Find a Job at 16


You have reached the age of 16, GCSEs are on the horizon, but your parents are refusing to fund your days out or those expensive things you want.

Even the little job earning a few quid a week can't cover the costs. Think big. You now want a proper part time job, taking up a few evenings per week or a day at the weekend.

One of the easiest ways to a get any type of job, is through contacts. Ask relatives, friends and friends of relatives if they know of jobs in their work place.

This works especially well in retail where a recommendation from a relative is very useful. Visit every shop in your local town and hand out a simple leaflet, designed and printed on your Pc and ask for an application form.

Go online and search for the websites of every shop and business in your locality, and take a look at their vacancies section. Search in local papers, and websites of local papers.

Pop into your local Jobcentre and ask for advice on where to look, and how to make your CV stand out. Check the connexions website also, where vacancies are published.

Where can I find

Where can I find a job at 16

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